Interview Haircuts

At Jelly Beanz Market Harborough, we know that first impressions count- especially for job interviews.
That’s why we offer the long term unemployed* a free haircut to help you look and feel great when you meet your potential new employer.
Our team of stylists will give you a style consultation for a cut that suits your hair and face. They will consider the health of your hair and whether you want a low maintenance or more styled look if you enjoy spending time on your hair.
Your cut will be a free boost of self-esteem to calm your interview nerves. Colour is not a free service, but you are welcome to add colour and/or treatments to your appointment time.
We understand that unemployment comes in many forms. Perhaps you are returning to the world of work after a period of sickness or caring for your family. You will enjoy the opportunity to relax in our welcoming and fun salon.
Don’t forget to come back and tell us how you got on. We also offer a follow up cup of tea to celebrate your success (or to console you if you were unlucky this time).
*To secure your free cut we will ask to see evidence of your interview – for example a letter or email from your interviewer - and would like to know how long you have been out of the formal workforce.